The Prophet Motive


A lot of bands just want to sing about girls, drugs, drinking and cars. These bands will go places as people can actually identify with that. 

Other bands like to pretend that they care about the broader issues like the environment, politics and current events. These bands will go nowhere as no one cares about that. 

Hailing from Rotorua but adopted by Tauranga Music Sux as our own so as to boost our credentials with the intelligentsia, The Prophet Motive are a two piece political punk folk duo. The dueling vocal/guitar twosome of James Fox-O'Connell and Mitch Cookson are steadfastly against 'stuff' and 'things'. Issues which I am pretty sure we can all agree upon. 

This year the Prophet Motive have played a shit ton of gigs, including one with the legendary Australian Punk Group the Hard Ons, finished a soon to be released album 'Manifest Density'  and played a fundraiser for a dude no one really knows called John Minto. 


They aim to remove the dirty tag they have been gifted of 'the acoustic Rage Against the Machine' and instead take up the moniker of 'Bono goes acoustic and moves to Rotorua and eats one too many pies'. 

 Listen to 'Proof' from their album Manifest Density, available below.