Super Narco Man

Take 3 of the most talented local players of their instruments in Guitarist Joel Burgin, Bassist Matt Gibson and Drummer Rik Gainsford add some vibrant stringed youth and a whole lot of experience from old man Gainsford and you have a recipe for success right? In theory yes, in action no.



Super Narco Man is the sound of 3 virtuoso's playing 3 separate song parts and then somehow meshing them all together to create a wall of Red Hot Chilli Pepper tributes. As Taurangas busiest band SNM are quickly making a name for themselves around the country for their hard hitting sound, strong work ethics and chick bass player that all the guys wanna bang.


With their debut album set to drop, a national tour under their belt with Australian bad the Revellers and an ever expanding roladex of fans. 2015 is set to be a major one for this group of hungry youngsters and eating out of boredom old man. Catch them soon. No doubt they will be playing 3 times before lunch tomorrow.