Having coasted on the back of their underground novelty hit 'Hipster Cliches', Wrestling match performance art pieces and noise masquerading as song till the point that even they were sick of themselves the going nowhere two piece of Stefan Braunias and Austin Cunningham did what people had been telling them to do since their inception and in 2013 added a new member. 



With Zak Galafianakas impersonator Luke Turner on keys Threat.Meet.Protocol have returned with a reinvigorated sound that recalls the brilliance of such keyboard led bands as Evermore, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Duran Duran. No longer full of hate these guys now love things, mostly 80's synth pop. And while their sound is becoming dangerously commercial they're still going absolutely nowhere. Why? Because they're dicks...


TMP at some point plan on releasing their long overdue EP, Pretentious but they probably won't because they are dicks.