Bob McBob

Bob McBob, is this guy alive or dead? No one knows.... A mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tortilla since his first appearance on the Tauranga Music Sux scene with the blistering single Crabstick vs Battered Sausage in 2011.



After the release of the seminal classic 'Live at Major Toms' Bob McBob was widely reported to have died. However his son Bob McJung took over his entire being and begun what is now the longest and slowest world tour in history having played public toilets across the globe as himself and oddly his Father, the original Bob McBob which we can only presume is some bizarre Norman Bates thing.


Releasing the equally excellent follow up album Contrived and Poorly Executed along the way, Bob McBob will one day return to the tunnels for which he started and stake claim as the true original of the Tauranga Music Sux scene.


All hail Bob McBob.