Blind Lemsip Jefferson


We all know the story... In 1928, Blind Lemsip Jefferson recorded nine songs protesting black oppression at the hands of the all powerful, self serving white man for Savant Grade Records, then he disappeared. Only to be discovered nearly a century later living near the Wairoa River Delta still strumming his guitar and singing about picking cotton and eating chicken.


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Bob McBob

Bob McBob, is this guy alive or dead? No one knows.... A mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tortilla since his first appearance on the Tauranga Music Sux scene with the blistering single Crabstick vs Battered Sausage in 2011.


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Super Narco Man

Take 3 of the most talented local players of their instruments in Guitarist Joel Burgin, Bassist Matt Gibson and Drummer Rik Gainsford add some vibrant stringed youth and a whole lot of experience from old man Gainsford and you have a recipe for success right? In theory yes, in action no.


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Having coasted on the back of their underground novelty hit 'Hipster Cliches', Wrestling match performance art pieces and noise masquerading as song till the point that even they were sick of themselves the going nowhere two piece of Stefan Braunias and Austin Cunningham did what people had been telling them to do since their inception and in 2013 added a new member. 


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The Prophet Motive


A lot of bands just want to sing about girls, drugs, drinking and cars. These bands will go places as people can actually identify with that. 

Other bands like to pretend that they care about the broader issues like the environment, politics and current events. These bands will go nowhere as no one cares about that. 

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