Tracs/Traks: A Eulogy

In our own idiosyncratic ways we are all hopelessly addicted to something or rather. Be it via excessive alcohol consumption, fatty food obsessions, chain smoking cigarettes/weed/pole. Yes, the firm grip of dependence has us all in its dry, calloused chronic masturbaters hands. 

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55th National Jizz Fest Review:


Over the course of the past 6 years we have ridden the coat tails of the Tauranga Jazz Festival with our own Easter weekend parody, staging a multiple act punk event known as the Jizz Fest. This has operated outside the purview of the council and Jazz elitists by being held in tunnels, under flyovers, at skate parks, sheds, lounges etc. This year we decided to take the Jizz to the Jazz and booked in at Settlers Bar on Wharf Street - deep within the heart of Jizz village. It wasn't meant to be.

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The past decade has seen the slowest resurgence of anything anywhere since Cher hit gold with her first #1 single in 24 years, "Believe". Vinyl albums went from being a dust coated novelty decorative item you could place your beer on, selling for 10 cents a piece in op shops to a widely sought after gem reaching prices exceeding that of what it was as a freshly manufactured item. 

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The Death of the Tauranga Dive Bar


Before craft beer, micro breweries and aesthetically pleasing family restaurants masquerading as bars started infesting the Tauranga nightlife with  their highfalutin big city ideals the drinking landscape was a much different one. 

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Pulling on a Pony Tail: The Best of John Key

With the news of John Key stepping down mid way through his 3rd term as New Zealand Prime Minister we at TMS would like to take a moment to celebrate his greatest hits and even bigger misses. 

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Bike Wankers


Bike Wankers, you know the kind. Not the sweet old lady with the basket filled with yarn riding her Raleigh 7 home after a day at her friend Agnes's house. Nor the sticky pawed, rotund little kids riding their BMX's on the pavement at 3pm after school. Not even the sad middle aged couple taking a 6pm ride around the block on their Mountain Bikes that cost more than my car. And I can forgive the fixie riding hipsters, the retro cruiser peddling hippies, the environmentally conscious suit wearing business man and Kev from the wharf who got caught drink driving last month and can't get a ride from his 'Missus' because he's 'in the dog house aye'.

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What does the U.S Presidential Election mean for us?





The prospect of New Zealand elections (be it local body, general or just trying to nominate who is going to go do the beer run before the liqour shop closes) fills Kiwis hearts with a long, winding, dark, descent into the far reaches of apathy. But suddenly preface ‘election’ with U.S and tack a ‘Presidential’ on somewhere and suddenly everyone is a pocket expert on the subject and independently working for Reuters.


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