MessMess/Yukon Era and Super Narco Man under the Tauranga Harbour Bridge review:



Tauranga Music Sux has been putting on generator gigs since 2011 when Blind Lemsip Jefferson, Bob McBob and Prof. Deadaddledbrain first sought out the acoustic comforts of the now infamous TMS Tunnel.  In the near 5 years of doing these generator powered guerilla gigs the weather gods have been kind to us with only one event ever being rained out. But today the worm turned and I wonder to you my friends 'What have I done to diservice my master?'...




With the coming of spring brought the first in what will no doubt be a stream of TMS Summer Series gigs. Beginning the series under the Tauranga Harbour Bridge with local boys Super Narco Man, youthful prodigies Yukon Era and Aussie miscreants MessMess - it was an inauspicious start after the skies vagina clouds moistened with anticipation to the days music a touch too much gush.


Kicking it off were New Zealands busiest band, Super Narco Man playing what was probably their 8th gig for that weekend. In usual solid form, Narco played a mix of older material and a couple of new songs including one blistering punk number that sounded like a less musically talented band wrote it. Was nice to see Dave Grohl back on the drum stool where he belongs slugging it out with a less sweaty back than usual. Joel took most of the vocal duties on by himself popping a hemmi in the process and then ollie kick flipping off it after the gig. Special mention for their usually wheelchair bound disabled bass player who has not only found the courage and ability to stand but to do so while looking sweet Jesus cool.


Up next risking electrocution for the sake of song were Auckland youngsters Yukon Era. As the rain and wind picked up pushing us into a 2 square metre dry concrete venue the boys who really should be home studying for their calculus test played a set of material that made me ashamed to be 30 and half the musican and song writer they are. Arrogant little bastards showing up their elders. With two former members of Desperate Models it is evident that the boys have expanded their listening palate as the songs are getting more complex, weirder in structure and better in form. 


Finally the band that caused reason for us to be under the Harbour Bridge freezing our nuts and clits off hit the stage. MessMess were more than worth the wait. With songs that blended force and beauty while doing some real weird ass shit with various guitar pedals the Aussie larrikins hit the sound barrier and blasted some ear drums as those that weren't purple with hypothermia greatly appreciated their efforts. Extra points for each member upping the ante with better and better flannel shirts. Nice dudes and a killer band. Hope their tour goes well for them.


Doofus of the day award goes to Conar Johnston for arriving right as MessMess had finished their set and were packing their gears.