Rieu Referendum: Johann Strauss Orchestra to Exit the Andre Rieu


It what is being dubbed Strexit. The Johann Strauss Orchestra has today voted in a referendum to exit Andre Rieu.



The Johann Strauss Orchestra was founded by André Rieu in 1987 performing with between 80 and 150 musicians. Rieu and his orchestra have performed throughout Europe, in North America, Japan, and Australia. Winning a number of awards including two World Music Awards, their recordings have gone gold and platinum in many countries, including 8-times Platinum in the Netherlands.


However with growing dissent brewing in the string and brass section over musicians rights and the Rieu's 'open orchestra' policy of hiring non Dutch performers  a vote led by 1st Violin Boris Johnson was today undertaken to see if the Johann Strauss Orchestra  should  secede from the Rieu.


With a 52% to 48% vote in favour of leaving the Rieu,  worldwide panic immediately flooded the Johann Strauss Orchestra after CD and ticket sales dropped to record lows.  With 1st Tuba David Cameron stepping down from his position and worry settling in over whether Orchestra members will be able to play with other musicians many are already calling for a second referendum in order to change their vote.


Andre Rieu himself is said to be very saddened by the exit but has already entered talks to join other orchestras.