Tauranga Music Sux Weekend Gig Guide.




 Stay at home, have a foot spa, pamper yourself, paint your nails, eat a little chocolate but not too much and think "Thank fuck there was nothing on tonight that I would otherwise be obliged to attend because the rest of this weekend is going to be a loss."





Brewers Bar: Rock and Roll Backlash with All Hail the Fun Killers, Ant Wars, Mk Ultra and Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. 

After Jackal dropped out all reason for attending this gig disappeared for me. In terms of substitutes All Hail the Fun Killers are the Lance Hohia of the Tauranga Music Scene - they can fit in anywhere but everyone agrees that they shouldn't be in the starting line up. 

Mk Ultra run the risk of over exposing themselves by playing their 2nd gig of 2015. Already twice as much as last year.

Rumour states that Ant Wars formerly Ant Wars Underground are again to shorten their name to the Ants. If and when they do can someone please loan me a massive magnifying glass and solar lamp to position above the stage.

Jim Jones are playing? I guess this proves once and for all that bass really doesn't matter as I swear that their bassist is playing a gig I booked for his other band in Hamilton this weekend.


Hamiltons Swift Tonal Decay: Super Narco Man and The Brightly Coloured Cocks. 


Technically not a Tauranga gig but this is my page and this is my gig.  Attendees advised not to clap at the shows end as it will only encourage the bands and further Hamilton related STD jokes from this hack.


Papamoa Beach Tavern: Marchfest with Josh Pow, Brilleaux and the Big River Boys. 


Learning not from the failure of Marchwood and the social embarrassment that is white boy blues Papamoa Beach Tavern have thrown their hat into the music promotion game. Shame they chose the most redundant genre going. Blues died when polyester was invented.




Omokoroa Boat Club: Kokomo


The question is, 'Is the water deep enough to drown oneself?


Leisure Island: Erica Freas, Prophet Motive, Slug Hugger, Future Theft.


I've always wanted to do a gig on Leisure Island but Mitch beat me to it but hey at least he did it with style. Olympia's Erica Freas returns to Tauranga while on another NZ tour to play some more songs to fisherman. Also Future Thefts last show and hopefully The Prophet Motives as well.




Back to work. Thank fuck.