Erotic Enounters with Dave Dobbyn and Jackals New Album 'Sparkle'


I was lying in the arms of the sexy man I call my 'Sugar'. The bald babe that is Dave Dobbyn when he told me he had something he wanted to show me. While I was secretly hoping that he meant his bellend I was more than a little disappointed when he procured a cd from his hemp satchel. A cd by a band called Jackal. 


Not that Jackal are a bad band, in fact I had never heard of them but because I cannot get enough of Daves throbbin'.


He put Jackals new CD 'Sparkle' on the mini system and came back to bed. We lay there, he the big spoon I the little as the strains of the first song Go Go Star filled the room. As the jerky guitar laden intro kicked in I thought to myself how lucky I was to be with the true Go Go Star of NZ music, Dave Dobbyn. The rumbling bass line pulsated through the sheets and my loins. The lead vocals tingling on the back of my neck and in my nether regions. Dave's hand slowly working its way over my body. 


By the time the second song George 'Gabby' Hayes had started with it's keyboard laden jingle Dave's pretense of massaging my muscles loose had been dropped in favour of feeling me up in time to the jauntiness of the song. Alternating slow to fast in time with the melody. Brushing hot then cold. Our minds while one with the music quickly wavered.


The soft contrast of Felicette's Satellite stopped Dave's hands from roaming so far and let us bask in each others presence as I took the Dobsters hard contrast in my hand. Looking in to his eyes while grasping his tip I thought to myself what a nice song this is.


The moment song 4 kicked in' You've been waiting'. Dave took my hand from his knob brought it to his heart and said " No. I've been waiting". We kissed. 


Undercover, track 5 brought more high school movie cheesiness as we sucked each others souls from out of our mouths while drifting off on a cloud of ambient chords and loverboy keys. As the song built to a beautiful crescendo our mouths pushed harder and harder against each other as we forced our will on each other. 


With the title track Sparkle opening in a weird mash of static and eerie, haunting chords we helped each other undress. Nipping at each others bodies with eagerness of new lovers as we did.


The slow built aggression of the Funny Side matched how we were feeling as he flipped me over and impatiently entered, then exited, then re-entered, only to re-exit then enter again.


Truth be told I cannot remember Spoons and Hammers nor I Cannot Go as we were locked in the throes of passion. Mouths, bodies, legs entwined as one mess of being. Alternating frustration to tender love we reached tingling heights, till in time with the closing track Eating Locust with Jerry crescendo of instrumentation we reached our exciting conclusion .


After we disentangled I looked at my plum of a man and said 'that wasn't bad'. We both knew I wasn't meaning the music. We kissed and held hands and thought to myself 'Not bad, but that don't have half the talent that my man Davey has...'.