Rock Legends Soon to Consist of Only Chester Bennington

With every rockstar of name and note dying or seemingly about to die this week the world has begrudgingly named Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington a rock legend.

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Bruce Willis Arrested After Alan Rickman Plunges 30 Stories to His Death

The world is in slightly less mourning that it was for David Bowies death after hearing of the passing of actor Alan Rickman on Thursday morning. Best remembered for roles in the Harry Potter series,  Die Hard and Dogma - Rickman lit up each movie he starred in with a voice that soothed with the dry warm tones of gurgled semen. 


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All Your Heroes are Dying and You Should Probably Get Used to It


With yesterdays sad news of the death of Lemmy Kilmister clogging my Facebook feed and preventing me from viewing 'high demand' photos of peoples lunches/pets and posed smiles  of themselves in some 'oh so interesting' place - it dawns. Those my age, with similar interests are about to experience the crushing sadness and empty feeling of losing our idols on a near regular basis. 

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Music Fans Offer Up Eric Clapton As Human Sacrifice in Order to Save Greats


Delegates from music communities around the world are today meeting with Death in order to broker a deal that will hopefully save the merciless loss of any more true heroes. In turn overrated self proclaimed 'Guitar God' and perennial 'White Blues Fag' Eric Clapton has been offered as a human sacrifice to establish this peace. 

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Interview with a Big Shot Promoter


While I am prone to taking all the credit and reaping all the rewards I couldn't do Tauranga Music Sux without the help I get from various people. Of course once I have made my fortune I will forget these same people and leave them in my asshole, Porsche driving, rich guy dust. But for now I will symbiotically suck them dry till they have no worth. This man is one of them...


With little or no previous experience Dominic took the plunge into international tour promotion by bringing Grant Hart to New Zealand for the first time in 2010. Next year he is doing it all again (with this leech in tow). But why?



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Next Year is Going to Be Just as Crap


Make all the New Years resolutions that you want but next year is going to be just as crap friend. 

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Top Reasons to Hate a Tauranga Summer




If we can be sure of one thing other than it will be fucken hot - it is that Tauranga will be infested with fat wallet, gourmet food eating, craft beer drinking Auckland wankers descending on our city. Staking claim to beach front mansions across the Mount Maunganui/Papamoa sand spit and reminding ourselves that because of our relatively low paying jobs and inability progress in life we will never amount to much more than 3 bedroom cinderblock house renting, 8-5pm working, last years fashion wearing nothings.




I think we can all agree that children are great - when they aren't ours, spend most of their lives in the prison that is school and have overly protective parents who do not let them out of the house. But come the Christmas/Summer holidays kids are everywhere. Their shrill, glass cutting voices bleating at their brow beaten parents. Running rampant between legs like Buffalo stampeding. And leaving their filthy fingered mess in trail of destruction around the city. 


Good Looking People:


Yeah we get it. You think you look great. Congratulations on spending Autumn, Winter and Spring secluded in the Gym working on that six pack while the rest of us were enjoying ourselves drinking a six pack. Way to spend your Daddy's life savings on a set of plastic hooters that will give you a lifetime of crippling back pain. Kudos on making the rest of us feel awkwardly uncomfortable in your presence lest we accidentally look in your direction and you think we are perverted. 




Thanks for making my wheezing nose sniff and sneeze like I have just ingested 3 lines of Colombian cocaine. Oh yeah and cheers for reminding me that my garden is a mess and that the old ladies next door is immaculate. And much gratitude for reminding me that your short life cycle is oddly reminiscent to my own and that I too will grow only to wilt and die. 




In fairness these perma tanned, brine soaked, matted haired chill dudes get on my tits year around but come summer I can't seem to find a wave that doesn't feature a 6 foot piece of fibreglass aimed directly at my head. Well jokes on you duuuddddeeee. With La Nina in full effect warming the oceans and flattening the seas. You have only Shark attacks and a whole lot of waiting to look forward to.




With summer comes BBQ's and with BBQ's comes Reggae. It could appear anywhere. At your local bar. On your Car radio. At your mates house. In the dairy. Round the corner at the party house you always walk a little faster in front of. No one is safe. One chord, no change, Jah loving music is a danger to us all. 


Jimmy Barnes


You can run from Jimmy. You can hide from Jimmy. But you can't escape from Jimmy. 




Actually, Melanoma aint so bad. In fact it will probably wipe out most of the people on the list I hate in about 3 years. So keep doing your thang you moley cancerous growth you.



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