Phil Rudd: Goblin like one beat AC/DC drummer takes a dramatic hike up the ranks this week with a Vagina moistening leg spreading verdict in his trial. Convicted on charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis all we can say is - we love a bad boy. And while we may not be servicing him from town to town as he plays stadium after stadium like in the oozing cooz glory days at least we know where he is when we need some of that hot lithe young body that drives us ladies wild. And sometimes with a man like Phil you do just gotta lock that shit down....


Quiz: are you a Hipster or are you Hitler



1.) If you go to a garage sale do you:

a.) Immediately ask if they have any Bob Dylan records for sale.

b.) Take note of the framework and imagine how many Jews you could pack in per gas particle.

c.) Wonder why the fuck you are at a Garage sale. It's the weekend. You should still be in bed or at least still drunk from last night waiting for your angry wife to pick you up from Mikes place after she drops the kids off at Soccer.

d.) All of the above


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The Top 10 Worst NZ Bands of All Time




10.) Elemeno P 


Verona, Fast Times in Tahoe, Everday’s a Saturday. These are the songs to slit your wrists to. Jamming radio airwaves from 2003 with their Love and Disrespect album Elemeno P set a new low for New Zealand bands imitating music from the States and embarrassing themselves and this country in doing so. Achieving success not by virtue of talent but due to singer Dave Gibsons radio connection as the breakfast host of George FM. Writing songs hailed for their simplicity but not in the Ramones Verse/Chrous/Verse/Chorus sense but because it was simplistic people in $8 JayJays Ramones knock off t shirts who liked it.

Been on hiatus since 2011, long may it continue.

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10 Bass Players Who Didn’t Know Their Role


Nate Mendel, John Paul Jones, John Entwhistle. These are good bass players. Why? Cause they know their place. To the left and three steps back from the rest of the band. Not clouding the singer/guitarist/drummers spotlight with their awful hair dos, dependable root notes and straight laced salmon polo shirts. But there’s other cunts who get themselves some low deep bass and all of a sudden think they are the front man. Well you are not. You only have four strings, none of which can go tiddly tiddly doo. Chicks hate you. And your fans can’t name you....

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Reasons Why We Still Live in Tauranga



* Currently awaiting trial for punching an old lady in a moment of road rage at the Cameron Road & 11th Ave traffic lights.

* Earning potential in this town is just too high.

*  Accidentally got pregnant at 17 then again at 21 and 22. As did all of our friends. 

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5 Tauranga Residents We Would Rather Not Have



For every Dame Susan Devoy or Winston Peters there's a sack full of idiots that we really should of have just stopped at the city limits from entering this town. But we can't get rid of every Ford driving body odour smelling bogan, sun bleached melanoma tanned surfer douche or high vis wearing pie eating sub moronic road worker so let's start with the top 5 key Tauranga residents that we should evict from this town the first chance we get. 



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