The Gentrification of Tauranga


As a privileged middle class white boy it was seemingly my god given right to grow up to be a dollar juggling, money spending capitalist - owning this town and using the poor as my servants. Right now it should be I waving my figurative check book around buying land and houses from those of lesser wealth in areas that were previously thought undesirable. But instead of gathering my fellow trust fund, Vegan, fixie riding, wide rimmed glasses wearing, beard grooming, people for the people, community minded, earth conscious, young professional friends to move into long established areas filled with culture and history in order to open up an organic cafe that does bicycle assembling workshops on Sunday mornings - I have instead faced a bigger problem. Strange people have been moving into my neighbourhood, people I have never seen before. People with nicer cars than mine, people better groomed than I, people who carry themselves like they are more learned/traveled/cultured and worldly than I. People who look like me but are unlike me. People who think they are better than me but will never say so even if their wry smiles belie the real truth. What happened to my neighbourhood? It got gentrified and I am the whining casualty......

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I'm Sorry Music Venues...But You Have Cancer


Last night marked the end of an era. Aucklands best music venue - Lucha Lounge closed its doors for the final time with a goodbye gig featuring The DHDFDs, Bloodbags and The Vottones (Catch them next weekend at Karma Strip Club in Tauranga...#Freeplug #titties #rawknrawll). 

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Rieu Referendum: Johann Strauss Orchestra to Exit the Andre Rieu


It what is being dubbed Strexit. The Johann Strauss Orchestra has today voted in a referendum to exit Andre Rieu.


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Deaths Most Wanted:


With music industry legends and notables dying like its 1999 we have decided to rate the chances of other living legends joining the big on going jam in the sky. Question is - who does the Grim Reaper have on his Deathmas wish list?

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